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Kneeling Office Chair

It was the year 1970. It happened in Norway and it changed the office environment forever by changing office chairs. The deluxe ergonomic kneeling office chair was created and introduced to the world, altering the way people in offices would sit and work.

There was a lot of controversy in the world of ergonomics when the kneeling office chair first appeared in offices. People wondered if they were for real or just a gimmick. Were they actually even chairs? Or were they orthotic devices? Some ergonomists even disparaged and ignored them. Still today, many people look at them and shake their heads.

Sitting on normal office chairs causes a lot of pressure on the back. According to some biomechanical studies the thigh bone in the hip joint is capable of rotating about 60 degrees; however when we sit on a chair our hip joints ordinarily rotate 90 degrees, 30 degrees more than is normal. Many of us sit in our chairs for long periods of time and what do we do after awhile? We begin to squirm in our seats, or maybe get up and walk around to relieve the stress and pain, or we lean backwards in our seats thus rotating our hips back to the more normal and comfortable 30 degree position.

This can all changed with the new kneeling office chair because it puts the person in a position that allows natural movement and at the same time rests the person's weight on the lower legs without causing strain on the spine. Ergonomic kneeling chairs hold the body's muscles in the correct position helping to lessen stress, and also to reduce back and neck strain.

Many office workers are using kneeling chairs as their only office chairs during their regular office hours. They caution that there is a period of adjustment when one begins using the kneeling chair because the lower back and abdominal muscles have to adjust to the new position. Their solution has been to alternate the regular chair with the kneeling chair for awhile, maybe a week or two, until their bodies are comfortable in the new position.

The price of these kneeling office chairs is very reasonable considering all the ergonomic features and what the chair does for the body. They can be found in many office stores and can also be purchased on eBay and other online stores.

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