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Swivel Office Chairs

When selecting office furniture for employees, one of the most important considerations to be made is the chairs that the employees will be sitting on. Office employees, on average, sit in their chairs for six or more hours per day. A proper office chair should be both comfortable and supportive. If the chair is not both comfortable and supportive, an office's employees will become easily agitated, lose concentration, and eventually develop lower back pain or poor posture.

An excellent option when selecting office computer chairs is a swivel chair. A swivel chair is essentially a chair which has a padded seat that sits on top of a swivel pole that is supported by a base that contains wheels. Swivel chairs allow the individual to slide around as well as twist from side to side with little resistance. Proper swivel office chairs will have a comfortable padded seat, a comfortable padded back, and arm rests.

There are many benefits of selecting swivel office chairs over traditional desk chairs. The fact that an employee can move around in a swivel chair allows them to slide around there workstation without having to stand up. The fact that the employee can turn from side to side will also benefit an employee who needs to constantly turn and face different directions.

A proper swivel computer chair is also customizable for each employee and contains many adjustments which can be made to suit each person. The employee can adjust seat height, seat depth, width of arm rests, the angle of the backrest, the height of the arm rests, and the backrest's height. This customizable feature of a swivel chair is unique and is not available in many traditional office chairs.

A swivel chair can be purchased fairly inexpensively, especially when purchased through a bulk order from an office supply company. If a company is willing to spend more money, there are more luxurious swivel chairs available for purchase. An executive chair is a form of swivel chair, with the main difference being that the back and seat of the chair are often wider and longer than a standard swivel chair. An executive chair is also made of a leather fabric. An executive chair is more elegant and comfortable than a standard office swivel chair, but is quite a bit more expensive.

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