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Office Chairs Lumba

Why lumbar support is important in an office chair

Office chairs with lumbar support are not a luxury; they are definitely a necessity in today's busy offices. From executives to office temps, lumbar support office chairs enhance productivity and job satisfaction.

What does a person do when they rise from sitting in a chair for a long time? They stretch and massage their lower back. This is the lumbar portion of the spine. The lumbar vertebrae make up roughly the lower third of the spine, right down to the tail bone. This area of the spine is particularly susceptible to strain and back pain. Sitting for hours during the day, in front of the computer, doing paperwork, or talking on the phone, for example, certainly takes it's toll on the human body, and particularly on the lumbar spine.

Employers are paying more attention these days to the science of ergonomics. Simply put, ergonomics has to do with designing a workplace that fits the job, equipment and workplace to the employee. This may sound impractical and expensive, but repetitive strain injuries, that develop over time, can lead to chronic pain or injuries that can become long-term disabilities. This can cause the loss of valuable employees, and the loss of productivity as another worker is hired and trained. It makes perfect sense to protect the employees and business with proper seating.

Lumbar support in an office chair is important for the executive as well. A hands-on boss can feel chained to his chair with all the paperwork, meetings, and phone calls inherent in the job. Growing a business can mean increased tension, that in a lot of people, goes right to their lower back. The wise executive takes care of himself body and mind.

There is such a wide selection of lumbar support office chairs to choose from these days. They can be bought locally, from furniture stores, office furniture companies, and even the large office supply stores, or on line. The price range is quite extensive as well.

Office chairs with lumbar support are made from a wide variety of material. They can be found in wood, metal, and high grades of plastic. Upholstery ranges from cloth to leather. The new mesh ergonomically designed office chairs are quite attractive and cool in the warmer months.

Speaking of leather lumbar support office chairs, there is a wide selection of executive office chairs that will keep the boss's lumbar spine in great shape, and the office that much happier.

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