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    Office Chair Caster

    Office chair caster is a timely innovation. They have made movement at the office place more flexible. Due to the highly dynamic and versatile nature of office work today, it is necessary to move from one corner of the office to another one in order to perform a variety of functions. The office chair caster ensures that the user is able to reach all his necessary appliances and gadgets, without the inconvenience of getting up and down from the chair.

    For those who love wooden floors, there are office chair casters made specifically for you. These kinds of floors however need to be protected because they scratch very easily. These kinds of floors need a soft wheel and the most recommended is the soft rubber wheel or the polyurethane caster wheel. Many of the office chairs with caster wheels that are manufactured today come with nylon casters. These are specifically made for carpeted floors but when used on wooden floors, they scratch them and leave marks. The wheels on chair casters for hardwood floors do not scratch and hence leave your floor brilliant and mark free.

    For those who may have a hard wood floor that is not necessarily wooden, there is the Elite office chair caster that is designed to protect and roll easily on any hardwood floor. The enhanced rubber wheels are made to protect all kinds of hardwood floors like ceramic tiles and plastic mats. The wheels are further improved with crown tread which improves the ability to swivel and change direction. They have a bright shiny finish to give an elegant appearance.

    The un-hooded office chair caster with black nylon wheels are the best choice for use on carpet. They are designed to directly roll on any carpeting. Hover they cannot be used on a normal uncarpeted floor, as the wheels are too slippery. They cannot be used on wood, vinyl, linoleum, or cement floors. The decorative twin wheel casters with polyurethane tires are available in fifty and sixty millimeters diameter. They have a special plastic socket on them that can be used for attaching to tubular furniture. These tires are perfect for a hardwood floor surfaces like hardwood floors and ceramic tiles and they will not scratch them. However, they are not appropriate for use on softwood floors like pine; this is because they will scratch them. They are also not appropriate for thin carpets and should only be used on carpets that are thick.

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