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Office Task Chairs

Office task chairs are specifically designed for sitting at a desk for several hours. Design features that have been developed over time utilizing an applied science called Ergonomics include, lumbar support, 360 degree swivel, 45 degree tilt back, adjustable arm rests, pneumatic height adjustment and a balanced, stable caster base.

Seating manufacturers have conducted in depth test on how the body moves and how to improve their designs. One such manufacturer is Steelcase and they have developed a state of the art office task chair called the "Leap Chair".

To make this revolutionary task chair, Steelcase utilized some revolutionary thinking. Using an invention called "Spineflex", they were able to develop a back that adjusts to the contours of the user's back and re-adjusts itself to a different user's back. Next they turned their attention to the human anatomy; after tests on movement, they realized that the back moves in different directions when reclining in a chair. They synthesized all this information into a feature they call the "Live Back".

Keeping anatomy in mind, they turned their attention to the chair's seat. They theorized that when one reclines in their chair, their line of sight changes. The solution to this would be have the seat move in conjunction with the reclining back. Using this idea, Steelcase developed "The Glide" - a move-able seat that keeps the user focused on their work while reclining.

The arms (height, width and pivot) can be adjusted independently to customize the fit for the user's comfort. A 5 caster star base adds stability while rolling over different surfaces.

The market for office task chairs offers a full range of product from the very basic to the sophisticated as discussed above. Allsteel's # 19 is very similar to the Steelcase Leap. Herman Miller's Aeron Chair has a distinctive style with full ergonomic features. Knoll's Life Chair offers a an intuitive design that automatic adjusts to the weight of the user.

The best kept secret in the world of office task chairs is the Humanscale Freedom Chair. Humanscale is probably best known for their Ergonomic Keyboard Systems and their success rate in reducing the instances of carpal tunnel syndrome. Simple and basic, the Freedom Chair is designed to give the maximum ergonomic benefits with a minimum of controls.

All the manufacturers mentioned in this article have websites and almost all of them offer sales direct to the consumer.

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