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Desk Chair Back

When looking to purchase new furniture for an office, one of the most important pieces of furniture that must be considered carefully is office desk chairs. Office desk chairs are very important because an employer's employees will be spending several hours at a time sitting in the chair. A desk chair which is not comfortable will cause an employee to become unstill, agitated, and eventually will lead the employee to be less focused. A desk chair should also provide a proper level of support that prevents injury. Excessive sitting in an improper chair will lead to poor posture and significant lower back pain.

One of the most important aspects of an office desk chair is the desk chair back. There are many factors that go into making a good desk chair back. The first criterion that is needed in a good desk chair back is the comfort. A proper desk chair should have a back that is properly padded. When leaning back in the chair, the user should not be able to feel the back frame. The padding should be enough to allow comfort throughout the day. The most comfortable backs of desk chairs are usually made of leather, but are further backed by additional padding.

A good back of a desk chair should also be supportive. To be supportive, the back of the desk chair should at least be as tall as the user's shoulder blades. Preferably, the back of the chair should reach up to the top of the user's shoulders or the bottom of their neck. Many cheaper desk chairs come with backs that barely reach the middle of the back. A back that is this low will not provide proper support when the user is leaning back. The desk chair's back should also be wide enough to fit the frame of the user. A proper desk chair's back will be at least as far as wide as the user's shoulders.

A proper desk chair back should also be adjustable. Many swivel chairs allow a desk chair user to raise and lower the back of the chair. This feature will allow for maximum comfort for the user. Furthermore, the desk chair back should be supported with a material which allows for the user to lean back. While the chair back shouldn't completely give, the back shouldn't be too resistant when the user attempts to lean backwards.

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