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All About Mesh Chairs

What is the true sign of a successful executive? A nice Ferrari? A condo down in Malibu? Being able to golf a couple of days a month? Well, those are all wonderful things to have, but when push comes to shove, nothing screams that you've made it like a nice mesh executive chair, but what will these chairs run you and what do they do?

First thing first. Something anyone who buys an office chair has to watch what the weight limit on the chair is. You may be surprised to learn that your mesh executive chair cannot hold more than 220 or 225 lbs. Although these are a guideline, it's good to stick to approximately that weight! Thankfully there are mesh chairs that can support 300 lbs. or more.

People seem to like mesh chairs over leather chairs because they allow breathing and keep your back from sweating when it's hot. Even with the air conditioning on, a leather chair can lead to you sticking to the chair and nobody likes that.

But what will a good mesh chair cost you? Well, it pays to shop around at places like Office Depot or Staples because they'll always have sales, but if it costs you less than $40, you might want to be cautious before you buy it. A well-built mesh executive chair will run you from $70 to $650, depending on how comfortable and sturdy it is.

What chair is right for you? Well, always check with the company you buy it from about return policies. Because you want to test drive it for more than a couple of minutes. How good does it feel when you sit in the chair? Are you comfortable in it? Remember: this is a chair you want to be in for quite some time. A good chair is also rounded in the front and allows for some room for circulation in your legs. If you're an executive who leans back on his mesh chair more, then you'll benefit from a different kind of chair than if you sit a lot and work on your computer or mouse more. When buying for employees, look for adjustable chairs. Why? Because it's impractical to try to custom fit chairs for every employee.

In conclusion, you should treat a mesh executive chair the same way you treat any major purchase -- as an investment that will pay you back with years of comfort. And show everyone how well you've made it to the big time by sitting back in your mesh chair and discussing business proposals, or that nasty dogleg on 16.

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