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      4BarStools.com was founded in 1999 by a young Canadian commerce graduate. Fresh out of University, he wanted to tackle a new challenge, and began retailing Bar Stools Online immediately.  Now 10 years later, and with over 20,000 Bar Stools sold, 4BarStools.com has blossomed into so much more than just an online retailer. We have become a community focused on the world of seating and furniture. Our writing team adds articles on current topics daily, and we continue to grow every day.  Come, join the community, find out how membership can have its privileges. <Sign Up Today> Be sure to come back soon...

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      We want our writers to be concentrating on topics that affect you - our reader. Do you have a question, in the realm of seating and outdoor furniture, that needs to be answered?  Do you wish for us to write a piece on particular topic that interests you? Simply send us your message, and we will get back to you within 1 business day with a response.  That is our commitment to you.  Don’t believe me? Give it a try! Looking Forward to Hearing From You! - The 4BarStools.com Team...

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      Here at 4barstools.com we strive to be your trusted source for information on Bar Stools, and Bar Stool related products.  We have a team or writers focused on covering current topics that affect the Bar Stools market. We want to know how we are doing.  Please feel free to contact us on absolutely any issue you may have with 4barstools.com.  And, hey, if you want to just drop us a line and say you like the site - that is super cool too!! All The Best! - The 4BarStools.com Team...

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      Discount Restaurant Seating - the home of Discount Indoor/Outdoor restaurant chairs, barstools and tables...

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      4BarStools.com is the industry leader in seating and outdoor furniture. Signing up with us entitles you to FREE: Product Reviews Buying Tips Networking Opportunities With Other Bar Stools enthusiasts Industry Deals Much...much more..... We plan on adding new features in 2010 that focus on allowing our community members to better network and connect with other members. After all - we all love bar stools - that is why you are here!! Sign up today, and find out what we can do for you. Hey - it's FREE. So nothing to lose - right? We Look Forward to Hearing From You Soon! - The 4BarStools.com Team...