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Wood Chair Seat

Wood Chair Seats - An Attractive Choice

Beautiful and warm, wood is a great choice for chair seats. There are many different choices for wood chair seats from solid wood to laminated plywood veneered types. Used for thousands of years, wood is strong, durable, repairable and a good insulator giving physical comfort while appearing warm to the eye as well.

Laminated plywood has a history of about 100 years. Layers of alternating wood grains or wood chips are glued together and subjected to high pressure and can be contoured to have excellent comfort characteristics for the human form. It has some advantages and disadvantages when used for wood chair seats. A plus for this material is that it is very strong because it is composed of layers of wood materials such as wood chip board with an attractive and finished wood grain layer for the final surface. This is a good choice as far as costs as it allows for a beautiful appearance at a lower price. While being less expensive there are a few disadvantages to this type of seat. All those layers and glue create density which then creates a heavier chair. If the final layer is particle board instead of the wood veneer, then it must be painted which is not as attractive.

A more expensive and a more attractive way to make a chair seat is to use solid wood. This can be done in more than one way. One way to do it is to actually craft the entire chair from one solid wood stump or log. By far this would be the most extravagant use of material but it imparts incredible strength to the chair. Some chairs of this type can support up to 1000 pounds of weight, so you're not likely to need to take it to be repaired for it's entire lifetime. Another way to use solid wood is to cut lengths of the wood of different wood grains which are edge-glued together and then cut and shaped to fit the requirements of a particular chair. The different wood grains impart an interesting appearance with proper staining and finish and are very strong. Also, a solid wood piece of the proper size can be cut, shaped and finished to show the wood grain in all it's glory.

Wood chair seats, beautiful appearance, strength and wide price range means the only thing left is the fun of shopping for it.

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