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Upholstered Back Chair

When selecting an upholstered back chair either for your home, office, or home office, there are a few factors you should consider before taking the plunge. For many, furniture purchasing is done on a personal level, with gut feelings and first impressions being key deciding factors, all balanced by the price of the product. While most people are happy with their purchase from the moment they take it home, sometimes any issues with the product don't become obvious until as much as a year later, at which point returning the chair becomes impossible. When the buyer takes into consideration back support, materials used, material thickness, as well as the reputation of the company producing the chair, they can be sure their purchase will last them for more than a decade, and prove to be one of the best purchases they can make.

First and foremost, back support is most important in an upholstered back chair. Ergonomics, while shrugged off by many are very important considerations to be made. Chairs that feel soft and plush often do not have the proper back support necessary for the long term, heavy use associated with office work, and the long hours that come with it. This is where first impressions are very misleading, and when lower back pain creeps up on the chair's user, the chair will be long since tossed out and forgotten. Modern chairs often come with a suggested use specification, either from 1-3 hours (Light use) or 5-8 hours (heavy use). While personal preference is important, the right tool must be selected for the job, even if this job is knowledge work.

The next qualification that should be considered when buying an upholstered back chair is material, material thickness, and "scotch guarding" that is provided with the chair. As a whole, thicker materials and scotch guarding may feel less comfortable to some, however these qualities will encourage long term strength, consistency, and resistance to spills. Some people do not like the aesthetics of thicker materials, however thinner materials will have a tendency to degrade in quality sooner, and need to be replaced more often than a hardier chair.

All in all, most choices are really in the eye of the beholder, and up for individual consideration. While most choices are subjective, there is still a need to consider these subjective qualities in the long term. The upholstered back chair that you purchase today can last for over a decade, and any savvy buyer will want to make certain that the qualities you see today will remain there long into the future.

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