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    Nursery Rocking Chair

    An old-fashioned idea that is becoming popular again is the nursery rocking chair. In the days when nurses and nannies took care of babies and the mothers and fathers slept, a rocking chair located in the nursery was a necessity when babies woke during the night.

    Not all of us can afford nannies these days. Even if finances did permit, modern parents understand the importance of close contact with our little ones. It has been shown that the healthiest and happiest babies are the ones who receive regular, loving, one-on-one time with the parent. A nursery rocking chair provides this very important parenting aspect, and others beside. The rocking action soothes a baby; it hearkens back to when the baby floated within the mother's body.

    Young babies, though too big for a bassinet in the parent's room and not requiring nursing multiple times during the night, still wake an average of two or more times during the night. The baby wakes, not only for food, but for physical contact. Scientific tests have confirmed that a baby's dream life is at least as active as an adults, and that includes bad dreams. Then there are diapers that have to be changed, colic to soothe, or perhaps, simple loneliness.

    Experienced parents know that there are times when, for whatever reason, the schedule gets turned upside-down and the baby sleeps like an angel during the day and wants to stay up during the night. A nursery rocking chair helps to soothe a baby into the relaxed state that facilitates sleep. Gentle rocking and a soft lullaby helps the eyes to get sleepy and the head to rest, and sleep can't be far behind. This is helpful in getting a baby's schedule back on course.

    Nursery rocking chairs help soothe the parent as well. In these days of dual incomes, or single parent households, there may not be the luxury of staying home full-time with the baby. Wakeful babies means valuable sleep time lost. A rocking chair in the nursery relaxes the parent as well. Many a time parent and baby fall asleep together in the rocking chair. Sleeping this way isn't the equivalent of six hours in bed, but it is better than no sleep at all.

    When old ideas make a comeback into our modern world, it is for good reason. The nursery rocking chair is a sweet and practical old-fashioned idea whose time has come again.

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