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    Glider Swivel Chair

    Gliders were first created in the 1930s, about two hundred years after the rocking chair, and today some people who actually prefer the motion of a glider swivel chair over a traditional rocking chair.

    Like a rocking chair, the glider chair is a place to sit and relax, either indoors or outdoors; however, unlike a rocking chair which tilts the body forward and back, the glider keeps the body upright and moves smoothly on a suspension track. While both the rocking and the glider chair require the use of feet to propel the seat into motion, a glider is easier to use and the feet never leave the ground as they do when rocking. On the whole, a glider chair is also gentler on the body because the top portion of the seat never moves so there's less risk of the user being pinched. Glider chairs, which can also be upholstered and quite cozy to sit in, are especially popular with of mothers nursing or soothing fussy babies.

    Adding a swivel base to these chairs added a whole new dimension to the concept of gliders because it enables the user to rotate 180 degrees in either direction. The ability to turn around to reach something or to turn on a light from a glider swivel chair can be of particular importance for people with mobility issues. These glider chairs can also be purchased with a matching ottoman, which works in sync with the movement of the glider, thus allowing the person to elevate his or her feet and continue to glide.

    Glider swivel chairs are adaptable and can be placed anywhere. They can be used as part of the main d?cor in a home where they will perfectly compliment any other furniture or accessories in that room or they can be set up in a backyard, on a front or rear porch, on the patio, or even near the family swimming pool. Gliders don't require cable support so they can and are often located in places where a swing cannot be hung.

    Probably the most important thing to do before investing in a glider swivel chair is to go to a store and try out a number of glider chairs to find the one most comfortable and suitable for you and your family. Then sit back and enjoy!

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