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    Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

    The Advantages of an Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

    The ergonomic kneeling chair first appeared on the American market in the early 1980's. These odd looking chairs were slow to catch on, due in part to the need to learn how to sit down gracefully when using them. It was not uncommon for would-be users to land on the floor at least once during the first week or so. However, the newer models are much more stable and have shorter adaptation periods.

    Ergonomics refers to the creation of equipment and workflow that works with the body to help avoid strain and injuries from repetitive action. An ergonomic chair does this by distributing weight evenly while keeping the spine in proper alignment. Users typically report fewer backaches and less tension in the upper back, particularly with an ergonomic kneeling chair.

    Some people worry that they cannot use a kneeling chair if they have knee problems. However, the knees are not supporting the weight. Most of it is still on the seat, and modern kneeling chairs even allow you to stretch one or both legs out. Even in the kneeling position, it is the shins, not the knees that are taking the weight.

    Few owners abandon their regular desk chairs altogether. Instead, they alternate between their normal chairs and their kneeling chairs. No matter what the type of chair used, it is best to stand, stretch, and walk around periodically, and trading chairs can also help alleviate any potential strain.

    Many people with lower back problems report that their pain improved, sometimes instantly, with an ergonomic kneeling chair. These chairs create an alignment of the thighs and spine that is far different from a regular chair. This brings the spine into optimal position for sitting.

    Some tall people, such as those over six feet in height, may have trouble finding a kneeling chair that will accommodate their longer legs. There are models, however, designed for taller individuals, so don't give up if the first one you try does not work for you. All purchasers, but especially tall users, should make sure that the chair will adjust to the correct height for their needs.

    Expect to have a period of adjustment lasting one to two weeks when you first purchase a kneeling chair. First, you must learn to sit and rise, which is entirely different from a traditional chair. And since muscles are being used that were not used before when sitting, you may even have some slight stiffness initially. After a short time, however, many owners of ergonomic kneeling chairs find them an indispensable piece of office furniture.

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