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Ergonomic Chair Back

Ergonomic Chair Back Information

Whether for home or office, an ergonomic chair back will greatly enhance the pleasure you get from your desk chair experience. If comfortable shoes are the most important aspect of dressing comfort, then ergonomic chairs are the indispensable part of your home or office furnishing ensemble. Having an ergonomically-designed chair back as opposed to a normal chair back is akin to the difference between storm windows and plexiglass. A world of difference can be made by spending perhaps just $50-$100 more on an office chair, which more than pays off in the long run in terms of comfort, relaxation, prevention of chronic ailments and anti-stress therapy.

The position you sit in over long periods of time can be detrimental to your health, if your posture is compromised by a low-backed or improperly-designed work chair without an ergonomic chair back. The main features that a good ergonomic chair should possess are:

- Proper seat height - 16 to 21 inches off the ground

- The right seat width - 17-20 inches wide

- Lumbar support with adjustment

- 12-19 inch wide backrest, with forward adjustment

- Properly padded, breathable seat material

- Adjustable armrests

- Easily rotating swivel action

The fact is, an ergonomic chair back can save you thousands of dollars in possible doctor visits and even hospitalization for future chronic back ailments. Short of that, you will forego having an improperly-designed chair putting undue stress on your lumbar spine region. Also, you will generally feel more relaxed in a properly-designed chair with ergonomic structure. This, in turn, will make you much more congenial, which acts like its own daily mood lifter. Good posture also aids in proper blood flow and relief of muscle tension.

There are many office furniture retailers where shoppers can find deals on ergonomic chairs. Best Buy, Target, Sears, Staples, Office Max and Wal-Mart all have good deals on chairs, starting at about $60 for a very basic ergonomic mid-back chair at Sears. At the higher end of things, Best Buy has a double air grid back chair with padded mesh material retailing for $540. There are chairs available at all points in between and beyond, with varying features, such as kneeling computer chairs, leather, armless, deep contour and high back chairs. Whether you suffer from chronic back pain, or are looking to avoid it, the right ergonomic chair back is out there for you.

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