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Back Wood Chairs

The back wood chairs could refer to the usual style chair that has a back support built in and made of wood. Back wood could also refer to a chair being made by someone in the back woods or way off the beaten path, probably made with a stump or a fallen tree.

The newest home decor style to furniture is to place a set of back wood chairs at the dining room table, the newest color in wood is black. By having a black table with straight lines and no frills and black wood chairs placed all around creates a simple, less is more look to any home. It is a clean crisp uncluttered look. Having a black wood chair at the desk is also a simple look for the office or writing table.

The back wood chairs in black also gives a smart look to the kitchen. This look can be created with white plates and crisp white linens. A beautiful vase with a single stemmed white lily in the center of the table helps to pull this simple classy look together.

To further enhance the kitchen or dining room is to add two simple red or gray curtain panels on both sides of the window. On one wall, hang a set of three black and white photos with white mat backgrounds and have each photo encased in a simple black picture frame.

The new ideas in decorating is to keep it all uncluttered and simple, and having clean straight lines like the wood chairs. Granny don't live here. Sorry, Granny. The new look does not include doilies or heaped on fabric with every flower design known to man or woman. Though comfortable, people realized they will move more frequently than generations before and they prefer to have the look that will fit any home and will deliver the home feel. Yes, even furniture is now a part of this high tech world.

Another item that compliments and completes the classic simple look is the wood floors, in place of wall-to-wall carpeting. There are still uses for carpeting, but not over the entire house. The dining room, kitchen and sitting areas are usually first seen when you walk into the home. These areas are now covered in wood flooring, flanked with large area rugs that identify the separations of each room or space. Nothing looks nicer than a shiny black wood floor that looks like a lake of water and a simple white Berber rug defining the dining area with matching black wood table and chairs.

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