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Armless Living Room Chair

When floor space is minimal in a living area, an armless living room chair may be the answer to your decorating dilemma. An armless chair can be placed in areas where you couldn't possibly fit any other chair. You can easily find armless chairs with upholstery that can be incorporated into your decor. Animal prints, floral prints, stripes, and numerous other prints are easy to locate. Your color choices of fabric on armless chairs is basically limitless. Textures vary also which makes it easy to blend in an armless chair in any type of living room.

Selecting armless chairs for part of your living room furniture may allow you to include more seating options than you would be able to if using larger chairs with arms. These chairs are relatively easy to move around. In a small home, versatility of furniture is definitely an asset. An armless chair that is part of your living room decor could possibly be relocated to serve as a dining chair for extra guests if necessary.

The seat depth of armless chairs varies so you should select a depth that is comfortable for you. Some armless chairs have a solid back while others have an open area between the seat and the upper back support. A matching accent pillow is included with some armless chairs. A matching ottoman is an option with some armless chairs.

It is not just the basic straight back armless chair that you can use in your living room design. If you have the space available, you might want to include an armless chaise lounge in your living room. Another choice of armless chair design would be the armless rocking chair. Some armless rockers are vintage in design while others have a more modern design style.

An armless chair may have a seating area that is larger than the usual chair. In some styles, the chair may actually be large enough to seat two people. If you have a corner of your living room that is not being used effectively, you might want to place a corner design armless chair there. That will add beauty to the area and increase your seating space for guest. Or, you could transform that corner into a space designated as your area of personal retreat.

An armless living room chair can be a versatile, functional, and attractive addition to your home.

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