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6 Dining Chairs

New Idea about Dining Chairs

Food is an excellent motivator for gathering people together in harmony. Therefore, dining spaces set the mood and tone of any gathering. How people decorate and furnish their dining rooms is a very individual choice.

Styles range from modern to rustic; construction from wood to rattan, with upholstery an option. Some individuals prefer chairs with arms and others a swivel seat. Most decide 6 dining room chairs are a comfortable number.

What if your gathering is larger than six though? Dinner parties are nice, but limiting. Let's face it. People gather for a variety of reasons: major football games, cookware sales, family birthdays and card parties to name a few. All tend to be crowd-like in number. Most people now prefer contemporary kitchen styles that are an open design plan to accomodate large groups. The flow of the crowd moves back and forth from living room to dining room to kitchen. A set formal dining space is inhibiting for these individuals.

So it is important to keep the dining options open. How does one do that? A new wave of thinking suggests 6 dining room chairs of counter height paired with a table height of 41-47inches. In addition, counter height chairs provide extra seating,when combined with a counter bar as part of the kitchen. Matching similar chairs between the kitchen and dining room unifies the overall design.

The height of the chairs would be consistent between the dining and kitchen areas. No one is made uncomfortable by a difference in height. The size of the counter height table promotes images of friendly conversation at a bar counter but is adaptable for a dinner party of six. For families, a high chair at a counter height table would be more inclusive.

What if there is not an open design plan for the kitchen/dining area? A separate dining room can be adapted to a variety of uses. Counter height chairs and table can still be set for formal seating. A wood bar or breakfast nook table along a wall can be paired with a mounted wine rack to provide a beverage station for informal events. With additional chairs at the beverage station, a larger group can be accomodated.

The new idea of using six dining chairs of counter height at a matching table to promote warmth and harmony in the home while providing versatility is an option for today's families.

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