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    Zuo Modern Bar Stool

    Zuo Modern Inc is a high end furniture store. This company has always promoted style and fashion in its range of furnitures. The Zuo Modern Inc has several furniture show rooms and outlets through out North America.

    The furniture range varies from the bar stools, bar tables and other furnitures used in the bars to a more wider range of furnitures for the home in the dining room, living room and the bedroom, office, out door, occasional use furniture like the magazine racks etc.

    A company which strives to match style and modernity with fashion and appeal, Zuo Modern Contemporary Inc is truly a furniture store for the modern generation. The bar stools itself comes in huge range. The first choice in bar stools; if you are looking to create magic in your home or in the bar is the Zuo range of funky bar stools. These elegant bar stools can be use any where you like to add to the fashion quotient of that place. Available in a huge range of contemporary designs, the Zuo bar stools are definitely worth a buy.

    There are different shapes and features like an adjustable height bar stool with a feature for adjusting the height of the seat. Also there are designs like the Zuo Pinch bar stool which are quite extra ordinary in design. The Zuo Veneer range has a ply wood set firmly held in a stainless steel frame for long term usability and durability. There are numerous other designs which are breathtakingly beautiful. The Zuo Topsy leatherette and the Zuo Chalice adjustable leatherette are examples of the elegant models in leather.

    Zuo Plush Bar stool comes with a cushion seat and long legs so that the people with more than average height can sit comfortably on it. Another one design in the tall range is the Zuo Criss Cross model. The Zuo Equino Wood veneer range is available in many color options like white, red etc.

    There are all kinds of models in the bar stool range from Zuo. The swivel range, back less range, bar stools with support at the back, adjustable height bar stools, fixed height bar stools, trendy looking bar stools with totally awesome and out of the ordinary designs. The Zuo Zed Bar stool is an example of the contemporary design.

    Bring home a Zuo Modern bar stool and transform your ordinary bar or home in to a contemporary locale.

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