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Wrought Iron Bar Stools

Wrought iron is much stronger than cast iron and has been tampered by hammering. Its strength gives it the versatility to be used in various decorations, grill work and also furniture, as well as various other applications. Normally wrought iron is used to make furniture like bed, table structure, benches and particularly bar stools.

Wrought iron bar stools are very popular as they can be crafted to various elegant designs and at the same time are very durable. Craftsmen are able to produce a wide variety of intricate designs for the legs as well as for the back rest, and this makes the wrought iron bar stools look very elegant. Some craftsmen also combine wood in the stool and this also enhances its beauty. A dark colored polished wooden seat in the wrought iron bar stool looks very rich and elegant.

Usually wrought iron bar stools are painted black or sometimes grey in color. Black gives a rich look and goes with most of the colors of upholstery if any. But you also have the flexibility of coloring the wrought iron any color you fancy that matches with the rest of your d?cor. If you have light colored walls then black will always be suitable, but if you have dark colored walls and want the wrought iron bar stools to stand out, you can paint them in any lighter shades.

Wrought iron bar stools go well with both rustic as well as other richer furnishing themes. The intricate designs which are possible on the legs and back rest give it more appeal and there are a wide variety of such designs available in most of the online stores. You can also have them custom made if you have any particular design in mind, and which can be made with wrought iron.

As for the designs available you have many different styles to choose from. There are wrought iron bar stools without and with back rests. There are many designs for the back rest including a sheet cut in a particular shape or strips forming various intricate designs. There are ones which have a folding mechanism for easy storage and there are ones which can swivel. From rustic designs, to traditional Victorian themes, to new age shapes, everything is possible with a wrought iron bar stool. Also a wrought iron bar stool is not just for bars, but can serve as seating arrangements in the kitchen, dining room or out in the garden as well.

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