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Wood Stools

Wood stools come in many different styles, giving you a lot of options to match whatever décor you have in your home. Some of the more popular stool designs include: Mission, Queen Anne, Shinto, and Metropolitan. Each style is clearly distinguishable from the others, giving stool shoppers plenty of choices.

Mission Stools

The Mission furniture style has been a popular choice for many years. With its simple, clean lines and classic looks, wood stools in this scheme often fit right in with any décor. Mission stools feature straight angles, flat seats, and seatbacks with multiple vertical slats. There are no arms. The type of wood used will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but virtually any kind is appropriate. Oak and cherry are probably the most common materials. You'll find most Mission wood stools are painted or darkly stained, but you can get them in an unfinished state as well.

Queen Anne Stools

For an ornate, elegant look, many people choose Queen Anne stools. This style features legs that gradually widen at the base, as well as arms and seatbacks that include a lot of detail. This kind of stool fits well in homes with similar furniture and a generally fancy décor. The only note of caution is to avoid mixing this style in a room with a radically different décor. For example, it will not fit in well with sleek, modern styles.

Shinto Stools

Shinto is a Japanese style that takes its name from the most widely practiced religion in that nation. These stools are very simple in design, and include thick wood legs that taper to wide ends where they meet both the seat and the floor. The seats also sweep out to thicker ends and overhang the legs. These stools are typically stained or painted dark brown or very dark red shades. Their simple design elements make them a good match for a wide variety of décor, which accounts for their growing popularity.

Metropolitan Stools

The design focus in Metropolitan wood stools is on the arms and seatbacks. The arms are rounded and curl under for a unique look. The seatbacks feature elaborate design work found only in this style. These stools usually include frames that have lighter wood colors (tan, natural ash, beige) and neutral (but darker) fabric or leather seats. This style is popular, not only because the look is unique, but also because it blends in nicely with both a formal, classic décor, as well as more modern wood furniture.


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