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    Are Unfinished Wood Bar Stools Right for You?

    There are many kinds of bar stools available to match your home or business décor, but you may want to look into unfinished wood stools. There are several advantages to going with raw wood furniture, including the beauty of the natural grain, the uniqueness of each individual piece, and all the possibilities for decorating the way you want. Unfinished bar stools are like a blank painter's canvas - there are no limits on what you can make of them.

    Most of the types of wood that furniture makers use for pieces like bar stools have beautiful grain patterns. Oak, cherry, and ash are favorites. Many people pick unfinished wood stools made from these (and other) kinds of wood precisely for their natural beauty. No paint, finish, or stain is necessary to have a wonderful, memorable piece of furniture - ready for use in your home or business.

    Much like human fingerprints, no two pieces of natural wood are identical. This quality makes unfinished furniture much sought after by those who want pieces that look similar but are not exactly the same. It gives the room in which you put the bar stools some character, while at the same time holding true to a common décor theme.

    If your plan is to apply your own choice of stain, paint, or other finish, unfinished bar stools are essentially ready from the moment you get them home. It's a good idea to give them a light once-over with fine grain sandpaper and then a good cleaning, but the preparations are minimal.

    If you decide to leave the bar stools in their unfinished state, just remember to clean them regularly. Use an appropriate wood cleaner without harsh chemicals to avoid any damage over the long term. If the stools get a lot of use, sand them down lightly with a medium or fine sandpaper (100-200 grit) from time to time to keep them looking like new. Just be careful not to use coarse grit or to apply much pressure or you'll end up shaving away your stool over the years!


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