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    Wood Pub Table / Oak Pub Table

    If you are a lover of fine wood products but cannot see your home with a traditional dining room or kitchen table, why not consider a wood pub table or oak pub table. The lovely and warm wood pub table offers many benefits to the homeowner as far as matching their homes style and décor, as today you can have any style in any finish and if it is not available in your furniture’s showroom, a custom order can easily be placed to accommodate your specific needs.

    The wood pub table, as opposed to the plastic or metal pub type table, often come with a more luxurious seat cushion; therefore, you will have a full range of padding types, foam or polyester stuffing, and a full range of textile patterns or leathers to choose from, as well as whether the cushions are buttoned, shaped, or unbuttoned. And when you are looking at the wood pub table the other thing you are more than likely to notice is that they also have a back of seat cushion as well. The reason for this is that most people, who order traditional wood pub tables, whether in a business setting or a home setting, are placing them in a more formal arrangement, like a dining area. Therefore, it is assumed that the people will spend more time on the chairs at the wood pub table than those sitting in the sport bar or café. Because of this, you have two types of cushions to choose for your formal setting. A seat cushion and a back cushion.

    The oak pub table on the other hand generally is more likely to show up in places like fine clubs and restaurants where elegance is a statement and not so much for comfort. These oak tables are usually finished in a lighter wood or a natural finish as opposed to the heavy oppressive finishes of years gone past. On these you may find cushioning, but that is generally rare as these clubs often supply the more traditional stuffed chair for those lounging around.

    Although these are the reasons the wood pub table and the oak pub table are used, this is not to say that people don’t use them for other uses, as now you can purchase these same type of products with protective finishes to use outside in garden and patio settings. These outdoor sets require a little bit different treatment, like keeping them out of direct pouring rain and high moisture areas, but they can be used if treated correctly on apartment balconies and covered patio decks.

    Usually the wood pub table, or the oak pub table, even outdoors has padded cushion seats although they are generally treated to be fad resistant, mildew resistant, and spill resistant. Plus, the only thing that is not resistant on these out door wood pub table sets, is the number of bottoms and friends who wish to drop around and share a wonderful quite bit of time with you at your new outdoor table.

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