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Swivel Barstools

Swivel barstools come in many styles and designs. No matter where you intend to place them, chances are good that you'll find an ideal match for the room's décor and other furniture.

Basic swivel barstools can be as simple as the kind you see in retro diners or lunch counters, or they can be as elaborate as any fancy living room chair. The choice is really up to you, but there are some considerations to bear in mind as you shop.

If the new barstools will be used primarily to decorate a room, you can focus entirely on aesthetic features and ignore more practical concerns. Since any room's décor may change over time, it's wise to get swivel stools with fabric seats (and seatbacks) so you can change the patterns and colors quickly and inexpensively. You may want to take several photos of the room that the stools will occupy and take them with you when you shop. That will help you make good choices without much guesswork.

Swivel barstools usually make the best choices for practical uses. There are a few applications where a stationary seat is preferable to one that allows lateral movement, but not very many come to mind. You can get 'bare bones' barstools for use in your basement or garage workshop, where you may want a stationary seat for more stability. But even there, you may discover that having the swivel option is a useful convenience that more than outweighs the few times you wish it was static.

More and more barstools are being made with ergonomic factors in mind. Swivel seats are just one of those features. When included with seats that have adjustable heights and tilting seats and seatbacks, these kinds of barstools are very comfortable - even when you sit in them for hours on end.

More often than not, choosing swivel barstools is the way to go. They offer a lot more versatility without many (if any) drawbacks compared to stools with static seats.


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