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    Types of Stools and Their Uses

    When you think of stools, you may envision any of the different types: artist stools, bar stools, counter stools, or others. Many people get so locked into thinking that a specific type of stool is made only for the primary intended use that they miss out on great alternative uses that may be a good fit for their needs. Here are some examples of using one type of stool for another purpose - often resulting in a better fit.

    Artist (or drafting) stools are built to accommodate painters, sculptors, and architects as they work. These stools have seat heights that are widely adjustable, allowing both tall and short folks to sit in them comfortably. Unlike bar or counter stools, they are not designed to be fully seated in, but rather for a kind of 'sit-standing.' They allow for a lot of alternating between standing and leaning into the seat, as many artists and drafters find themselves doing during the workday.

    Now, imagine a busy cook in his/her kitchen at home. Cooking often involves first mixing and preparing ingredients, then baking or using the stove. That entails a lot of up and down, working at one station, then moving to get more ingredients or check on something in the oven. Wouldn't an artist's stool be a perfect match for this kind of activity?

    Next, consider bar stools, which are built primarily for use at bar counters, breakfast bars, game rooms, or tall restaurant tables. How about using this kind of stool in your living room to accompany chairs that are more traditional or a sofa? They're comfortable, stylish, and add extra seating that doesn't take up much space.

    Finally, folding stools are very versatile. Made primarily to be lightweight pack stools for carrying to remote locations, they are used by painters looking to recreate idyllic pastoral scenes. They're also favorites among hikers, campers, and anglers, who need easy-to-carry seating for rest periods, the campsite, or shoreline fishing. These stools have many other uses, from backyard parties, where quick temporary seating is needed, to using in the garage as you work on your car. They sit lower than other types of stools, so reaching things closer to the ground (like a tire's lug nuts or valve stem) is more convenient.


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