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    Square Pub Table / Round Pub Table

    What shape is your room? Today’s it doesn’t really matter as tables come in all sizes and shapes. At one time tables where oblong, round or square, and although those are still traditional shapes today, they are not in varying heights, styles and finishes.

    The more popular tables of today are the pub tables – square pub tables and round pub tables that are used both commercially in sports bars and pubs and throughout younger people’s home in dining rooms and kitchens. Because these tables offer such variety, the square pub table can easily be placed in a small room with one window, or in bigger rooms with multiple doors and easily not interfere with the flow of traffic. The round pub table on the other hand is more often then not, used in small kitchens where fitting a conventional table takes up too much space or outside on apartment balconies, or on small patios.

    Today the square pub table and the round pub table offer plenty of varieties and styles to the homeowner as well as many finishes and textile seating cushions. You would be hard pressed not to find something that matched your home décor, as even modern or tech spaces would find these tables in metallic and plastics suitable to those decors. These square pub tables although available in many finishes seem to find the line of wood finishes work best in dining rooms, while the steels and chromes work best in kitchens and commercial applications.

    The square pub table is normally available in restaurants and pubs in the darker finishes of paints and woods as they endure much more wear and tear than the piece that serves the same purpose in the home. The round pub table is more often found in the home or garden, café or bistro, or small elegant restaurant that are upscale. The finishes on these tables generally range from rod iron and glass to puffy cushions, although many are not using more modern finishes in laminate wood choices, which add that extra touch of warmth to the round pub table.

    The other place the round pub table and square pub table are showing up on a regular basis is the outdoor commercial patio or the outdoor patio and garden setting, offering a lovely and natural place for people to sit and enjoy the beauty and wonderment that nature has to offer. The outdoor line of these tables are generally cushioned so the treatment on the seats require no mildew, no mold, fad resistance, and stain resistance. This is a tall order, but the manufacturers, no less, understand the importance of this and make the round pub table as well as the square pub table available for both indoor and out door use.

    The round pub table and square pub table take up less square footage for sitting groups so larger pub tables are often chosen for dining room and patio uses. This is normally a great thing for owners of commercial locations and generally a great thing for homeowners with a large number of teenage children.

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