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Retro Bar Stool

A bar stool is definitely more than a seat or a place to perch down. It is considered as a part of the d?cor of the place. This is especially so when the bar stools are actually used in bars. The retro look of the bar stools is preferred in lot of bars. Especially in the lounges the d?cor of the place really matters and a lounge is differentiated from another simply on the basis of the d?cor of the place and the furniture used around there.

What actually is a retro look? As the name itself is self suggestive, the retro look means going back in time. Going retrograde or backwards in the history and selecting the old fashions and bringing them back in a modified way or sometimes without altering them at all is called as retro fashion or retro look.

The retro looks in bar stools usually try to capture the fashion sense of the furnitures found in the late twentieth century, mostly the 1950's. The retro bar stools can be swiveling bar stools shaped like a bucket or even made of chrome. The bar stools in the earlier tomes were also quite different. But the majority of the bar stools in those olden times were actually back less or bereft of any support to the back when a person used to perch on it.

It is not always easy to get through with a retro look successfully by just designing a bar stool as a back less design or just by providing a bucket shaped seat to it. The upholstery is what actually matters. The old patterned designs like the bucket shaped seats can be made of either wood or even metals like iron or wrought iron. They can be polished and given a chrome coating. The icing on the cake would however be when you use retro upholstery along with all these features. Just try to incorporate some leather or vinyl upholstery and try to go with the colors usually found d in the retro times. The preferred color for furniture especially bar stools was always black, but there can be certain modifications done as you please. Try experimenting with the colors to match the color of your walls in the bar.

The important fact to remember is that merely by adding some retro bar stools you will not be able to achieve a pure retro look in the bar. You will need to re do the color of the walls, the overall appearance of the other furniture and also the designs along with the retro bar stools to present a successful retro look to your bar.

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