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    Poker Table Plans / Build Poker Table

    It is surprising how much easier building a poker table is than one would actually believe. We have all seen the poker table in the casino and at the charity fundraiser, but many of us have not stopped to consider how easy they might be to build, even though we would probably love to have one for our home or office to share with family and friends.

    Many people play poker just for the fun of it, while others play poker to win big, but whichever reason you are playing poker having your own poker table to practice on is always a good idea. Today, thanks to the internet you can find all kinds of customized poker table plans so that you too can build your own poker table, and after looking around at them, I can tell you it is not that hard.

    You can pick up plans to build a poker table in a number of places. Almost all woodworking supply stores have the plans, not to mention many craft, hobby, and gambling spots that sell the accessories for customizing them. These instructions, or poker table plans, include the directions on how to make build a poker table using one or more four by eight sheets of plywood as your construction medium. Some of the poker table plans call for rails and cup holders, while others do not, so what type of poker table plans you buy will depend on how detailed and how many features your poker table has.

    Some poker table plans call for your poker table to be covered like billiard table with felt, suede or velveteen, while other use poker tablecloth meant especially for this purpose, but since it is your poker table, you will be the one who decides which fabric works best for your purposes and purchase the correct amount. Oh and funny enough, when purchases your poker table plans you will note that most insist that two cases of beer are part of the planning, building, and finishing process, although I might suggest you keep them on ice until finished, just to keep the precision of the build. ?

    The nice thing about using purchased poker table plans is that most of the required items can be purchased locally and since they are not really unusual, almost anyone anywhere can do this without effort or special ordering. Most of the wood components required can be purchased at the local lumberyard and any felt requirements can be purchased wherever pool tables are repaired or built. Velveteen can be purchased at places like Walmart and all poker table plans offer other suggested locations to obtain what you need to build your own poker table.

    Often wherever you can find gaming supplies you can purchase all the accessories that go along with the poker table you are building and with a little forethought, you can even match your accessories to your tabletop. Since the most important thing to have when building your own poker table is slide-ability, for your cards, you may wish to make sure your table surface is of good quality felt as the better your cards slide the less likely they are to flip and expose your hand.

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