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Oak Swivel Bar Stool

Oak is a type of wood that was preferred by the old timers to get most of their sturdy furniture created from. The fact of the matter is that the old oak wood furnitures are in the very best condition even now. There is an underlying strength of reliability and durability associated with the oak wood. There is no doubt as to the durability factor because the oak tree is often used as metaphor for strength and might. The mighty old oak tree is a popular phrase in many of the poetries and stories.

Oak not only adds strength and resilience to your furniture but also has a magnetic appeal attached along with it. There are no 2 ways about it. You look at the oak wood furniture and instantly are attracted towards its magnetic charm. This fact holds good for your bar stools also. Just get them done from oak wood and you will see the difference instantly. When there are 2 different bar stools kept together, and one of them is made from oak wood and the other made from any other variant material, it is but natural that the oak wood bar stool grabs your eyeballs first. That is the old world charisma and the appeal of oak wood.

Other than the people who use the oak wood furniture who are fans of the wonderful wood, the carpenters and wood craftsmen are also among the list of people who adore this oak wood. The oak wood is basically of 2 different types: the light variety and the red variety. There are a whole lot of differences between the red oak and the light oak. The red variety is more conveniently crafted by the carpenters making it their number one favorite wood to wok on. The red variety is more preferred for flooring and the furniture in general.

The oak wood comes in a variety of different colors ranging from light golden hue to a brownish hue. What ever the color of the oak wood, it is guaranteed to last long because nature intended it do so. The tannic acid is high in concentration in oak wood and this natural tannic acid adds to the durability of the oak wood furniture because the acid fights off any attacks by the wood eating and destroying pests.

The swivel bar stools are quite popular for the flexibility they provide. It becomes easier for the person seated on a swivel oak bar stool to turn around in any direction without any discomfort.

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