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    Modern Bar Stools

    Modern (or contemporary) bar stools are coming out these days that are stunningly beautiful, artistic pieces of furniture. Advances in the manufacturing process give stool makers a lot more options - especially with metals - than they've previously had to work with. Ergonomics also play a much more central role in modern stools, as the science continues to prove that proper body positioning while seated can keep one healthier and happier.

    Many modern bar stools feature metal legs (or stands) and frames. The trend in contemporary stool making is what can only be described as 'space age' designs. These include integrated frames that encompass the entire seat, seatback, and end as footrests. This 'uni-frame' design creates very sleek, simple stools that are pleasing to the eye.

    Another trend in modern stools is a shorter seatback. In many cases, these bar stools have seatbacks that are really just extensions of the seats, rising only a few inches above the back of the seat. They tend to be all of one piece - seat curving into seatback. Again, the emphasis is on simplicity and visual appeal.

    Ergonomics are the other big innovation in modern bar stool styles. Furniture makers are responding to mounting proof that comfortable seating improves concentration, happiness, and, of course, helps us avoid back problems.

    These ergonomic features include stools with adjustable heights, good lumbar support, and stools that can tilt front to back. If you have a modern desk chair, the principles are the same. The goal is to allow individual users to find positions that are comfortable for them. After all, what is appropriate for one person may be uncomfortable for another, since our bodies are all different.

    The advantages of this for the owner of modern stools are significant. You can be assured that your home visitors or business patrons will be able to find a comfortable position while chatting or eating. For business owners, happy customers mean repeat business and more profits. Seating should not be overlooked as a big part of the overall picture.


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