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Metal Stools

To keep metal stools looking new for years, some care needs to be given on a regular basis. The type of metal has a lot to do with the care you should give the stool. Most metal bar stools are made from aluminum, stainless steel, pewter, bronze, or wrought iron. Each metal differs from the others in terms of proper cleaning and maintenance.

Aluminum stools are very easy to care for because the metal will not rust and is strong for its weight. A simple household cleaner is appropriate for regular cleanings. Use a cotton cloth. If you detect a scratch, lightly buff it with a coarse cloth or very fine sandpaper (just be sure to use a light touch!). For dings and dents, try a ball peen hammer, if the location is accessible. Otherwise, enlist a professional's help.

Stainless steel stools, like aluminum, are very easy to maintain. If the metal has a mirror finish (resembling chrome), use chrome cleaner to enhance the shiny surface. Otherwise, use basic household cleaning products. Steel is very strong, so dents are unlikely. You may have to seek a professional's assistance if one occurs. Try a local or online furniture outlet for advice. You can also get polished surfaces refinished for a small fee through some furniture stores, should the stools become badly scratched over time.

Pewter, bronze, and wrought iron are similar metals in terms of their softness. They are easily cleaned with specific cleaners made for that particular metal. Just ask when you buy the stools and the salesperson should be able to point you toward appropriate cleaning products.

These metals do run the risk of becoming dented or deeply scratched. Because they are softer, dents can become dangerous if they are deep and occur on the legs. It can cause a leg to buckle and the entire stool to collapse with someone sitting on it. For this reason, it's a good idea to inspect the legs on stools made from pewter, bronze, or wrought iron regularly. If you have any doubts, take the stool out of commission and have a pro look it over.

All metal stools are built to last for years with minimal care. It's one of the main advantages of buying them. Just clean each stool occasionally and keep an eye out for scratches and dents.


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