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    Choosing Metal Barstools

    If you're looking for a good metal barstool, choosing one can be difficult. There are many styles and different metals commonly used in the manufacturing process. The most popular include wrought iron, pewter, aluminum, and stainless steel. In addition to choosing a metal you prefer, you will need to pick an all-metal or semi-metal stool.

    Wrought iron has been used as an ideal material for crafting furniture, like a barstool, for centuries. It has two useful qualities for this purpose - strength and flexibility. Wrought iron barstools tend to be very ornate, with intricate designs in both the legs and seatbacks. Because the metal is strong, stools can be made with thin legs without fear of collapse or warping. You will often find these barstools with fabric seats and seatbacks without arms. They are very beautiful, and the silver, gray, or bronze finishes go well with many d├ęcors.

    A pewter barstool is similar in appearance to wrought iron. The major difference is its softness. This metal is extremely workable. It is often used in jewelry, where tiny, exact details are a must. Likewise, this characteristic makes it the ideal metal for crafting beautiful barstools. Pewter stools, like wrought iron, are often coupled with fabric seats, have ornate seatbacks, and lack armrests.

    Aluminum is a very practical metal for use in a barstool. Its chief characteristic is its light weight. This feature means furniture makers can create all-metal stools that are thick and sturdy, but weigh less. You may want to consider an aluminum barstool in rooms where they're likely to be moved a lot and get heavy use.

    Finally, there are stainless steel barstools. This metal, as its name suggests, has the major advantage of never rusting or corroding. They are, therefore, an excellent barstool for bars and restaurants, where customers spill drinks and slog in from the rain and snow. All that moisture would quickly ruin other stool materials, but stainless steel can handle it easily. For home use, stainless steel is a good metal because it is very strong and can handle years of use without needing any maintenance.

    Stainless steel barstools are most often coupled with vinyl, leather, or fabric seats. They are about equally as likely to include a seatback and arms as not. There are generally more design options in this metal than the others.


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