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Leather Barstools

Shopping for leather barstools requires careful attention to all the little details. They tend to cost more (sometimes a lot more) than other types of stools. If you take the time to research your best options, however, it's possible to get top-quality leather stools for the same price (or only slightly more) than you'd pay for run-of-the-mill barstools. The idea is to shop smart.

If you're determined to buy new barstools locally, plan ahead and keep your eyes open for clearance or inventory reduction sales. It's not uncommon for local furniture outlets to overstock items, including barstools. Many of them hold annual clearance sales to make room for newer products. You can find great bargains on leather stools if you don't pull the trigger and buy too soon.

If used leather barstools are on the agenda, yard sales and estate liquidations are the way to go (locally). When you see a set, closely examine the leather seats, seatbacks, and arms for scratches, tears, and blemishes. They are often expensive to repair. If the sale is in a dark garage, ask to take the stool out into the sunlight or under a garage light to examine it more carefully.

Clearly, your best option for getting bargains on leather barstools is to shop online for them. There are many websites devoted to providing a large selection of stools in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Start at a major search engine (Google, Yahoo) and conduct relevant searches. The more specific your search terms, the more time you'll save pinpointing the exact kind of barstools you want.

Remember that barstools can be heavy (especially if you buy a set of them), so it's absolutely essential that you investigate the shipping charges when buying them online. If you look diligently, you can find the leather stools you really want and get them shipped to your home for free (or very inexpensively). The trick is not giving up on your search too soon. It's time well spent!


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