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    Glass Pub Table / Pub Height Table

    I am guessing that you have spent plenty of nights in your local bar or pub and enjoyed relaxing about a pub height table. These pub height tables usually it a little higher than your standard table, about 39” from floor to table top and with the accompanying stool offer comfortable seating and leaning with both feet resting on the cross braces below, offering stability and security.

    You have probably drank more than a few beers at one of the pub height table while watching football, hockey or baseball with friends and other spectators, who like you are kicking back and enjoying some quiet time out. Normally, at the sports bar, you find a room full of men laughing, joking, and carrying on, but today, more and more women seem to be encroaching on these male sanctuaries in record numbers.

    Although women are making appearances at these male dominated locations, they usually prefer, for some reason, to sit at the glass pub tables. Maybe they like looking at their shoes, or maybe they just like to see what the men are looking at to make sure they are all tucked in properly and not providing visual incentive, but whatever the reason, the glass pub table is now selected two to one by women over men.

    Another nice thing about the glass pub tables is the reflection that bounces off any overhead lighting. This makes like a rainbow appearance on the table, which is stimulating when the conversation dies down too much, although to be honest I don’t think that happens when too many women are out having fun. The conversation usually centers on the other guests in the room sitting at the pub height table, and not the ones sitting forlornly at the bar on a rickety old bar stool

    Today, the glass pub table comes in as many finishes and styles as you can dream up. Some have plastic accents, while others are made of metals or wood finishes, and some have a combination of all of the above with matching chairs. Some of these glass pub tables even have padded seating, although in the bars they are usually passed over for the standard hard wood or metal seat which prevents clothing from sticking to the material and riding up when the patrons are attempting to get down and use the facilities or leave.

    The home version of the glass pub table often has luxury stools or armchairs that are comfortable, cozy, and available in a selection of colours, patterns, and finishes with matching cushions, which can be customized to your home’s décor. This truly flexible stool and glass pub table can work extremely well in the backyard as well when you have special friends over to visit and enjoy a nice glass of wine.

    For couples, the glass pub table is pretty special as they can see each other and the little tootsies’ games that are being played as they sip away at their beverage ?. Wiggling toes and all!

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