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    French Country Barstools

    If you're looking for a touch of elegance in your home, French country barstools are an excellent choice. These stools feature curved legs with fluted ends, rattan or rush seats, and seatbacks with highly stylized designs. They are among the most beautiful wooden barstools on the market.

    The artisans in the French countryside have made some of the finest furniture in the world for generations, stretching back hundreds of years. Their unique designs have been much sought after and adorn some of the most elegant palaces and estates throughout Europe. This has been especially true of their chairs and barstools.

    French country furniture design has its roots in several periods in France's history. These include during the reigns of Louis XV, Louis XVI, and Louis Philippe in the 18th and 19th centuries. The emphasis is on relaxed comfort, soft, rounded corners and edges, and most of all, intricate scrollwork carved into the wood. This design focus has been kept intact in barstools being manufactured in the French country theme today.

    This style of barstool works extremely well in rooms that feature neutral earth-tone colors on the walls, floor, and ceiling. Other furniture should also be made from hardwood and finished in earthy colors. The idea is to mimic country homes in the farming and wine regions of Central and Southern France.

    You can tie in all of the elements of the room in which you place French country barstools by including the right kind of artwork on the walls. If you choose neutral colors (paint, wallpaper), you can liven things up a bit by adding French period paintings or prints that feature nature scenes. The Impressionist period is a good choice. Look for prints of the works of Claude Monet or Pierre Auguste Renoir.

    Of course, barstools in this wonderful French style are also functional. They tend to be shorter, so they work well with short tables, writing tables, or counters. In fact, these barstools go exceptionally well with tables that are also in the French country style.


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