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    Folding Beach Chair

    Like most people who suffer through the cold winter climate, when summer finally arrives as you want to do is get to the beach and soak up some rays….awe, the warmth of it all. Summer in colder climates is a time to celebrate the season and visit with loved ones and friends we have not seen over the winter months. It is a time to get out the shorts and sneakers, bathing suits, and kid’s shovel, beach chair and towel, and head to the beach for some sun and fun!

    Today’s beach chairs are an amazing collection of size, shape, and color lining the sandy beach as the waves wash over the shoreline tanning bodies of every size and shape. And, like the human body, beach chairs are almost as customizable with frames consisting of plastic, wood, steel, aluminum, and rod iron, plus most of them are collapsible or foldable, which not only makes the beach chair convenient, but light-weight and easy to carry, leaving your hands free to manipulate food and toys.

    The folding beach chair usually comes with its own carrying case although once out of it, they rarely find their way back into them, as people just grab the handles and tote them along side as if they would a picnic hamper. The chairs are hinged in many places and are quickly unfolded providing a great way to stretch out across the sand to watch the children play, watch the waves wash in, or just soak up some sun rays…off course you still require sunscreen so don’t forget to put it on. Unlike your beach chair, which is treated to prevent fading, is mildew and stain resistant, and can sit in the sun for hours without burning, you, cannot.

    Many a beach chair is now found in the collapsible version that tucks neatly into a canvas tote bag you sling up over your shoulder and carry. These are so light, you can walk for miles carrying them, yet when taken out and un-collapsed, they provide sturdy and extremely comfortable seating. The folding beach chair can readily hold most containers in the beverage holders built into both arms and have wider feet for stabilizing themselves in the sand. This provides all with the opportunity to have fun on the beach, and even after heading in for a swim, you can comes out confident that when you sit in your beach chair soak and wet, you will do not damage to your folding beach chair. It can ride out all the waves you through at it, even when used to sit in the water and read while enjoying the cooling effects.

    But, the best things about the beach chair on any hot sunny summer day is…. You are at the beach enjoying what summer has to offer. Lot of sunshine, friends, and fun! So quit waiting around, get out your beach chair, or your folding beach chair and get down to the closest beach. Summer is calling you!

    Sun, sun, sun…..

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