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Counter Height Bar Stool

Counter height bar stools are generally used in the home especially in the modern kitchens which double up as dining and even living rooms since most of the family activities are carried out there. The counter height bar stool combines designs from both the counter height stool and the bar stool. Ordinarily, the bar stool stands taller than the counter stool by about 4 to 6 inches in height. This is because the bar tops are usually about over 40 inches tall and therefore any accompanying furniture must meet the general height in order to complement each other.

The bar stool is mostly used in restaurants and hotels by revelers who like the tall feel that is derived from perching on these tall seats. This feeling of being perched on top must however feel different in a home atmosphere hence the reduction of the counter height bar stool in order to accommodate the family members and help in cultivating an air of togetherness during the meals or family gathering that may be held in the kitchen or the home bar area. The important factor to consider when getting a counter height bar stool is the intended use and the location where it will be used.

Counter height bar stools that are meant for use in the home or office will be influenced by the interior design of the home or office while those intended for use in restaurants will have to be designed with the inner designs of the restaurants in mind. As much as the counter height bar stools may be used in different places and for differing purposes, one thing is however important to take into account. This is the comfort of the user; think of a counter height bar stool or any other stool for that matter that is not well holstered and does not give seating comfort for the user. As such, it would be futile to get a counter height bar stool that dos not guarantee comfort for the user.

The most common feature in a counter height bar stool that would guarantee the comfort is the upholstery and the addition of backrests and arm rests among other simple innovative additions. Most of the upholstery can be done by the use of leather and or wood and fabrics among other commonly used materials. The use of leather as an upholstery material is widely praised due to the toughness associated with leather as a material. It is however important to note that stools that are upholstered using leather should be protected from exposure to excessive sunlight, heat or rain and water. This is a direct call of caution against leaving this type of stools outdoors in unpredictable weather conditions.

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