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Commercial Bar Stools

When shopping for new commercial bar stools, there are several important considerations. Price is clearly of major importance, especially for new businesses trying to get their ventures going on a shoestring budget. Durability is important, as the stools in commercial establishments take a beating. Then there's the importance of picking a style that is a good match for the rest of the establishment's décor. Finally, thinking long-term is important. Many bars and restaurants go through regular redecorations. You'll want bar stools that are versatile enough to fit in with many different design schemes.

If you plan to buy several bar stools at once for your commercial venture, shop around to get a bulk discount. Shopping online is probably your best bet on this score. Competition is fierce between all of the bar stool vendors on the Internet, so they're often more open to making deals on volume purchases than local retailers.

Commercial stools take a beating, especially in busy bars and pubs. Most patrons don't think about how they treat the seats, so over time you can count on lots of abuse. You'll want bar stools that can handle it. Look for hard metals or thickly varnished woods, as well as seats that are easily and inexpensively repaired when they inevitably get worn down or tear open.

You'll want your establishment to be visually appealing, of course. It's easy to overlook the importance of procuring bar stools that complement the rest of the décor, especially the tables or bar counters they'll be used with. Neutral colors are a good idea. Avoid stools that use colors that are too bold and eye-catching (unless that's the theme of your bar or restaurant).

Keep in mind that your commercial establishment is likely to undergo décor changes from time to time. Unless you don't mind investing in new bar stools each time there's a change, try to find a set that is versatile enough to change with the interior design scheme. It may be hard to anticipate each change, but if you choose stools with neutral colors in traditional designs, your chances are good of being able to keep them for years to come.


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