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Chrome Bar Stools

Chrome bar stools are a good choice for some commercial and home settings. Any d├ęcor that features a lot of shiny metal and bright surfaces looks great with the addition of chrome stools. They also complement colorful design schemes, particularly pastels and dark, rich colors.

Most chrome bar stools come with seats that feature black, raspberry, or some other deep color to offset the shiny chrome. They typically do not include seatbacks, although you can find them if you look hard enough. Swivel seats are also the norm (think diner stool).

One advantage of picking chrome stools is their anti-rust properties. This is particularly handy in commercial settings, where spilled drinks and cleaning liquids would otherwise promote and speed up the rusting process. In the home, chrome is a good choice for similar reasons, if your stools get used a lot around the kitchen or basement bar.

Another positive aspect of choosing chrome is its toughness. It can take a lot of abuse without serious damage. If you have kids or you entertain a lot, this is an important attribute in your bar stools.

If you go shopping for chrome bar stools, one of the most important questions to ask the salesperson or manager is what the underlying metal is, below the chrome surface. You're looking for a hard metal base - stainless steel, steel, hardened aluminum. Copper or any other malleable, soft metal will reduce the long-term durability of the stool.

In terms of construction design, there are several styles that may appeal to you. The classic chrome diner bar stool has no seatback, a vinyl swivel seat, and two rings holding the four legs in position. These stools have many commercial uses, but can also add style to your home bar or game room.

If a more modern look is preferred, try pyramid style chrome bar stools. These feature legs that are angled to join the seat at one point in the center of the seat's bottom. It's a futuristic look that goes well with many decors.


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