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    Everyone loves a good bargain, right? This is especially true when shopping for potentially expensive things like a set of barstools. Getting cheap barstools doesn't mean you have to marry the manager at the local furniture store. In fact, there are several ways to go about finding cheap stools that don't look 'cheap.'

    If new barstools are not essential, garage sales are often a great way to find excellent bargains on used barstools. Most experienced garage sale holders know that all prices are negotiable. So, after a careful inspection of the stools in question, offer the owner half what he's asking. You will find that in more instances than not, the seller will accept a price significantly lower than he's asking - especially if the sale's been going on for more than a couple of hours.

    Another good option for cheap used barstools is online at big auction sites, like Ebay. These sites are like huge garage sales, only they're all in one place and you don't have to fight the traffic, the weather, and all the rest of the unpleasant aspects of shopping in person.

    If deals on new barstools are what you seek, one option is to get out the yellow pages and call local furniture and billiards stores to find out if anyone is having a sale on them. Sometimes you'll find that stores will take less than the listed price, even when there isn't an advertised sale going on. This happens when merchants have been sitting on inventory they need to move. Just ask. That may be all it takes to get cheap barstools from a local provider.

    The aforementioned online auction websites are another place to find nice bargains on new barstools. Merchants selling new stools will sometimes place them on Ebay to clear their inventory. If you check the site often, you can find truly awesome deals on great barstools.

    Finally, take some time to find several websites selling barstools. If you're not in a hurry to buy some cheap stools, what you'll discover is that most of the bigger sites have seasonal and clearance sales from time to time. Waiting for one of those may save you a bundle!


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