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    Casino Poker Table / Texas Hold Em Poker Table

    The casino poker table comes in many shapes, sizes, features, and colors, but what it has that the standard household poker table does not, is a super huge payday or a super huge loss day, no matter when you play. Today, at casinos everywhere, gamblers are stepping forward to try their hands against the dealer, often walking away with little or no money in their pockets, or loaded to the hilt, but whichever the case, you can bet these casino gamblers will be back again repeatedly to try their luck at the casino poker table.

    And, just when you thought nothing could be more exciting then playing the casino poker table, a new game has emerge that is taking the industry by storm. That is Texas Hold’em Poker. This is a bonus game at most casinos and simply pits the dealer against the player for a head on best of five card poker hand. The one who has the best hand at the end at the Texas hold’em poker table wins and not any of the other players at the casino poker table.

    Like blackjack, the only thing required to win is beating the casino poker table dealer’s hand. And if you are familiar with how to play this game, it is a snap to sit down and understand how to rule the Texas hold’em poker table. When the games starts each player must put up an wager at the casino poker table which provides them the option fo putting up a bonus jackpot wager. Once all the players at the casino poker table have done that, then each player including the dealer are dealt two cards. These are known as the hold cards. If you feel your hand is good and you want to play it, you place a bet that is double the amount you initially wagered. Then the dealer put three cards face up in the middle of the casino poker table, which is known as the flop. These three cards are used by all players around the table to formula their five card hand.

    Players than have the option, at the casino poker table, to bet again or fold, but they can only place the same amount as the initial wager for their bet. Another community card is then dealt face up on the casino poker table and once again the players can use it to bet or fold, but you do have to bet to keep playing. Finally a fifth and final card is dealt face up on the casino poker table, which is known as a river.

    Then the dealer flips over his cards to expose the best of his five cards and the best the house can make at the casino poker table, by combining his two cards and the community cards. After that, player by player does the same and the hand with the best five combination of cards wins. The dealer is the deciding factor on all winning hands.

    When the player’s hand is higher at the casino poker table, he or she wins and the house pays a one to one ratio on all bets and sometime the wager as well, and if the player loses, the house takes all.

    For the bonus Jackpot wager, the dealer checks the player’s initial two cards, which is independent of all other card, and whichever hand has the highest card combination, dealer or player, the highest hand holder wins.

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