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    Barstools With Arms

    Barstools come in many different styles and configurations. You can get them with or without arms, seatbacks, adjustable features, and seats that swivel or remain stationary. You can also find barstools made from all kinds of materials, including wood, stainless steel, aluminum, wrought iron, and even rattan. Some of these differences are purely esthetic and meant to provide various visual options to complement the d├ęcor of your home or commercial establishment.

    Then there are the more practical differences in barstools, such as choosing those with arms or without them. Beyond your own personal preference, if you focus on the uses you plan to make of your new barstools, deciding on arms or no arms becomes much easier. For example, if the stools will be primarily used at a table or counter for eating and drinking, arms are probably unnecessary and may even get in the way of those using them.

    However, if your barstools will be freestanding and used for basic seating in your living room or study, the models with arms may be a better choice. The comfort of your visitors should be at least as important in your decision making as the look of the barstools. If you envision people using your stools in this way, having arms is a considerate choice. Just as you enjoy having a convenient place to rest your arms in other types of chairs, your visitors will appreciate having handy armrests while seated in your barstools.

    One downside to using barstools with arms, however, is that they tend to restrict lateral movement compared to stools without arms. You can get barstools that have arms and swivel seating, which effectively eliminates this concern. However, most barstools with arms have stationary seats. This can be particular annoying if you use them in a bar or restaurant where patrons expect to be able to turn in different directions while seated to hold conversations or just look around.

    If you're stuck on which style to buy - with arms or without - it's a good idea to let these practical considerations determine your choice. If you don't see any significant reason to get barstools with arms, then don't. After all, the armless models tend to cost less (sometimes a lot less).


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