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    Barstools are every bit as popular in Canada as in America these days. Home bars (as well as commercial establishments) are everywhere in Canada, which keeps the demand high for related items, like barstools. In fact, in some ways, the culture and geography of Canada make indoor drinking more popular (per capita) than in the U.S.

    One reason for the high popularity of barstools North of the border is the weather. It gets cold and stays cold in most parts of Canada for a larger percent of the year than in the States. This inspires more indoor activities - more home parties, more restaurant visits than cookouts, etc. Barstools become a natural piece of furniture in that environment.

    Culturally, Canadians love a good ale, lager, or beer every bit as much as Americans do. Liquor stores dot the landscape in the cities and towns. Interestingly, many of Canada's liquor stores are government-owned entities. In Saskatchewan, for example, there are 81 locations selling alcohol - all government enterprises.

    In recent years, Canadians have been pushing for privatization of outlets that sell alcohol because the cost of running them has ballooned past the annual rate of inflation. This is due primarily to the runaway salary increases of government employees. The result of this push for more private ownership has been a spike in bar and pub establishments. This relatively new phenomenon is helping push the sales of barstools in Canada to new heights.

    New home sales have also been on the rise in Canada, especially among wealthier citizens. Home bars are often included in bigger homes (or added later). This is another trend barstool manufacturers in Canada love to see, as their increasing sales prove.

    If you live in Canada and are shopping for barstools, the Internet is becoming the preferred way of finding your options quickly. Sites like The Canadian Business Directory (http://www.canadianbusinessdirectory.ca/category.php?cat=266 ) have entire categories devoted to barstool suppliers throughout Canada. Yahoo Canada (http://ca.dir.yahoo.com/ ) is another good site to begin your online search.


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