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    Aluminum Barstools

    Over the years, furniture makers have embraced the use of aluminum in all kinds of products, from patio furniture to barstools. The advantages are many. In a lot of ways, aluminum is the ideal substance for anything that needs to be lightweight, strong, and easy to work with in the manufacturing process. Compared to other metals and any kind of wood, aluminum holds many advantages.

    As with any product that has to be manufactured, the cost of materials is a major factor contributing to the price consumers end up paying. On this score, aluminum barstools help consumers win in two ways. First, because aluminum is relatively cheap to make and because it is so easy to work with from a manufacturing standpoint, it does not unduly increase the end product's price.

    Also, because aluminum is so light compared to other metals and wood, barstools that must be shipped to the buyer cost much less. Any piece of furniture that must be shipped will be costly (unless you're lucky enough to find a free shipping deal), because the item will invariably be heavy. With aluminum, weight is significantly reduced, so you get your barstools that much cheaper.

    Another advantage that aluminum makes possible is its ability to mimic polished stainless steel. Stainless steel is a considerably heavier and more costly metal, both of which factors will mean higher prices on things like barstools. Since aluminum can be made to closely resemble finished stainless steel, there's really no advantage in choosing the heavier metal.

    From the barstool manufacturer's perspective, aluminum is an attractive metal for all the reasons listed above, but also because it is more extrudable and machinable than steel. In other words, aluminum provides the manufacturer with a lot more design possibilities than other metals. So, you end up with more barstool styles from which to choose, some of them very artistic and beautiful.


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