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    Aluminum Bar Stools - Light and Durable

    Bar stools made from aluminum offer two advantages over wood or heavier metal stools. Aluminum is one of the lightest metals and is being used to manufacture all kinds of products, including furniture. It's an ideal choice because, pound for pound, it's one of the strongest metals. It's also a very durable alloy. An incident that might permanently gouge or cut a traditional wood bar stool will probably bounce off an aluminum stool, causing little or no significant damage.

    Aluminum is also a good choice because it's rustproof. There's no need to worry about the years to come, especially if the stools will be used on a daily basis in a restaurant or bar. Spilled drinks and people tracking in moisture from rain or snow outside would quickly cause the oxidation of other metals, but commercial-grade aluminum does not rust.

    Some bar stools, especially those with ladder or slatted backs, can weigh a considerable amount when made from wood, stainless steel, or other heavier materials. If you're using them in a business, this can make them hard to move for your very young, very old, and injured patrons. It can also increase your risk of having to pay an employee who pulls a muscle or slips a spinal disk and has to take time off to get it fixed. Investing in lighter aluminum bar stools decreases this risk substantially, and is more considerate of your customers.

    Stool manufacturers make aluminum models that are all metal or only partially so. The advantage of all-aluminum bar stools is that they're about as light as you can make a bar stool. The disadvantage is that they're more uncomfortable to sit in compared to stools with padded leather or wood seats. If you choose to go with 100% aluminum stools, look for those with molded seats that have indentations to more comfortably accommodate a pair of legs.


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