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    Thinking about adding a patio bar set? It's a great idea for entertaining or just relaxing outside when the weather cooperates. Picking the right table and bar stools involves a combination of personal preference and protection against the elements. You want a bar set that looks nice and complements your house's trim and any landscaping. However, that should not take a backseat to the practical considerations necessary for the longevity of outdoor furniture.

    You have three options when it comes to picking the materials that make up patio tables and bar stools. The least expensive is molded plastic. You obviously will not have any weather damage concerns with an all-plastic bar set, but they aren't very fashionable. It's the extreme side of choosing pragmatically. If you decide to go this route, be sure to get bar stools that are sturdy enough to handle hefty adults. That's the one structural knock against plastic stools - the legs can begin to warp and eventually cause collapse if used by heavy adults.

    Your second patio bar set option is wood. Common materials include cedar, teak, and treated pine. Cedar may be the best option for a table and bar stools. It's a very pretty wood, with varying shades of tan and red. Beyond that, cedar has unique waterproofing properties that make it ideal for outdoor applications. May hot tubs are made from it for this very reason. Teak wood is more expensive, but also provides good moisture protection for long-term outdoor exposure. Pressure treated pine is another good choice, but is plainer to look at, so may not be your best option. Mature pine wood is also becoming more scarce, so expect to pay more than you might otherwise have anticipated.

    The final choice in patio bar stools and tables is metal. You need to be a bit careful here. It's not a good idea to try to pinch pennies if you decide to buy metal patio furniture. The choice of metals is all-important, because long-term exposure to moisture can easily corrode many kinds of metal. Stick to wrought iron, aluminum, or stainless steel. For convenience, look for a folding table and bar stools for easy storage during the colder months.


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