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24 Swivel Bar Stool

The short swivel bar stool, like the 24 inch style, is a wonderful choice for home and office use. The 24 swivel bar stool has many uses due to its height, beyond the usual commercial use. Let's look at some of the best uses of the 24 swivel bar stool.

1.         Children's rooms: The short size of the stool makes is a great piece of furniture for a child's room Children can use it to sit on and play and also use it at a table where they can sit on and attend to their home work or play a board game. The 24 swivel bar stool can be used as a substitute at to a chair at your child computer work station. It's ideal to sit and play a video game as the swivel movement makes it easier for the child to move around and grab things such as a glass of water without leaving his seat or missing out on the game.

2.         Kitchen use: Since the kitchen is where the entire family meets the 24 swivel bar stool would be ideal with the kitchen counter where the children or your entire family can sit around and chat while you work on fixing something to eat. The bar stool is an ideal help you do time-consuming food preparations. Most of us prefer to stand and attend to our work but the 24 swivel bar stool makes it more comfortable to attend to preparing food as the swivel effect make you more flexible and able to turn around and grab spoons or containers around the kitchen without getting up.

3.         Bars: The 24 swivel bar stool is very popular in bars. It does not cost very much, the stool does not take long to install and it does not take much room and there can be so many bar stool that can be fixed in a bar without worrying about the space. The 24 swivel bar stool is available is many model and colors making it trendy and blends with other types of furniture the bar may have without spoiling the look. Most bars have themes or matching furniture for exclusivity and style.

4.         In the garage: the 24 swivel bar stool is a wonderful piece of furniture if you are working on an any  project or engaging in some sort of hobby that requires space and mobility in your garage which can be  already cramped up with limited space.

5.         Other uses of the 24 swivel bar stool include artists, sculptures and carpenters.

The 24 swivel bar stool is a must have in any home or office.

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