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36 Inch Bar Stools

Extra tall bar stools are beginning to gain a following as uses for them have expanded in recent years. Not so long ago, a 36 inch bar stool would have been comically tall and purchased more for the look than for anything practical. Not so today! With bar tables and kitchen countertops being built higher off the floor, 36 inch stools are not only practical, they're preferable in more and more instances.

Actually, a 36 inch stool has always been useful for tall people. If you're 6'3" tall or taller, standard bar stools (30 inches) are just too short for you to comfortably place your feet. The foot rail is too high up and the floor is still too far away. You get stuck in between and have to constantly squirm around on the seat, changing positions in an attempt to take the strain off your legs and lower back.

So, there has always been a small market for stools with higher seats. But in recent years, that market has expanded significantly, thanks to a trend toward taller bar tables and kitchen countertops. The standard has always been 40-44 inches for both, but it's now becoming more and more common to find heights in the 45-48 inch range. This has made 34-36 inch bar stools suddenly very attractive, even for people of average height.

If you're in the market for bar stools, but the practical uses are not as important to you as the style and esthetic properties, you have another reason to consider extra tall stools. There are lots of different designs, but they all have one thing in common - long, elegant legs. Whether you choose backless swivel stools or intricately designed stationary stools with backs, the long legs draw the eyes of even casual observers. They look terrific in any home or business!

One note of caution about 36 inch bar stools - be careful not to buy them if they're intended to be used with a counter or table of standard height. It's easy to overlook the fact that there needs to be 8-12 inches of space between the top of the stool's seat and the bottom of the countertop or table. Thighs have to go somewhere, after all.


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