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34 Inch Bar Stools

Most kitchen and bar counters stand about 40 inches high. However, builders are now producing 45" models with increasing frequency. This has thrown a bit of a curveball at new homeowners and bar owners who find themselves needing bar stools that are a bit higher than standard models (but not a lot taller). Enter the 34" bar stool! This height is ideal for use with the slightly taller counters.

It is possible, of course, to use the standard bar stool height of 30" in conjunction with higher countertops. Nevertheless, doing so will put people sitting in them and trying to eat comfortably in a slightly awkward position. It just won't feel right to them.

Have you ever eaten at a restaurant where the table seemed either too far away or too near your face? This happens a lot in establishments that use booths with seats that have lost their resilience and cause you to sink. You suddenly feel like the tabletop is right in your face.

Sitting in a 34" bar stool at a 45" counter or table is the correct combination. Not too close, not too far away. As Goldilocks would have said, "Just right."

Another use for 34" stools is for tall folks who will be sitting in them without being at a counter or table. Standard bar stools have seats that rise 30" from the floor. This is a good sitting position for people who are in the average range of heights. However, for those who are a bit taller, especially men, this presents a bit of a quandary. The stool is in that in-between position, where it's uncomfortable to place your feet on the foot rail, but you're still too far away to place them on the floor without straining the backs of your thighs.

The 34" bar stool is ideal for taller folks. They are to six-footers what 30" stools are to those of average stature.


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Sitting in a 34" bar stool at a 45" counter or table is the correct combination.

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