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    • Casino Poker Table / Texas Hold Em Poker Table


      The casino poker table comes in many shapes, sizes, features, and colors, but what it has that the standard household poker table does not, is a super huge payday or a super huge loss day, no matter when you play. Today, at casinos everywhere, gamblers are stepping forward to...

    • Folding Lounge Chair


      The most versatile and universally loved chair of all time has to be the folding lounge chair. It is the chair one grabs when heading for a concert, making tracks for the beach or just hanging out in ones own back yard. The original Adirondacks chairs, made from native New...

    • Black Folding Chairs


      While most of us have ample seating for entertaining a few guests, larger groups usually require more seating than what you may have readily available. Versatile and stylish, black folding chairs provide an easy solution when additional seating is required. Lightweight and easily transported, these chairs can be conveniently setup...

    • Casino Bar Stools


      4Barstools.com is recognized as a leader in the supply of bar stools. If you need stools for a casino application, look no further. We offer a full compliment of products at a fraction of the cost you would other wise have to pay. We are the alternative...

    • Chrome Swivel Bar Stool


      Imagine a life without being able to twirl on a stool, adults may not prefer to twirl on a stool but children love it. You can't get a child off a stool that has the swivel action. One of the best pieces of furniture anyone can add to their collection is...

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