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    • Arts & Entertainment Bar Stools


      4Barstools.com is a truly recognized as an industry leader in the supply of bar stools and chairs. f you are working on a production that requires 1 or 1000 bar stools and/or chairs for a set, look no further. At any given time we will have 2500 bar...

    • Metal Bar Stools


      When people talk about metal bar stools, they mean either standard backless stools that have metal legs and swivel seats, or stools that are made entirely from metal and have stationary seats....

    • Ergonomic Task Chair


      Purchasing an ergonomic task chair is the perfect option to make your long days at work more comfortable. Most office chairs are poorly designed, forcing individuals to sit in uncomfortable positions. People's posture with non-ergonomic chairs puts the back out of alignment, and can lead to back pain, increased fatigue...

    • Mesh Task Chair


      The Comfortable Mesh Task Chair With the emphasis today on comfort within the workplace, and the need for office furniture to be not only functional, but also ergonomically designed, the mesh task chair is the perfect addition to any workplace. Designed specifically with comfort in mind, this chair not only functions...

    • White Bar Stools / Red Bar Stools


      White bar stools are one of the most popular colors in this industry because it pretty much goes with anything. You can put white bar stools in any room in the house and can be certain that it will fit in seamlessly. If you are one of the many people...

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    4barstools.com has been Selling barstools online since 1999 and have been in the furniture business for over 35 years. We have shipped barstools to every state and province in North America and have even sent many orders over to Europe and Australia.