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    • Furniture Rocking Chair


      There is nothing better than sitting in the sweet comfort of a rocking chair after a hard days work, it is soothing to the soul. When one thinks of rocking chairs, grand memories of childhood can stir the senses as one remembers how small they felt in an oversized rocker...

    • Office Chairs


      Here at 4Barstools.com we not only specialize in stools.  We have become an authority in the World of chairs as well!  Our expert writers have compiled hundreds of useful articles on Office Chairs. We want to help you in the research process when deciding on what office chair is perfect for...

    • Outdoor Lounge Chair


      Homeowners know that the backyard is often times the ideal place for holding a summer BBQ, birthday parties and a variety of outdoor events. What ends up happening for a lot of families, however, is that they do not spend enough time furnishing or maintaining the yard. This can lead...

    • Living Room Rocking Chair


      A living room rocking chair can be the most frequently used chair in the room. Almost everyone likes the soothing relaxing motion of a rocker. There are so many styles of rocking chairs designed for use in a living room that finding one to fit your decor should be an...

    • Kneeling Office Chair


      It was the year 1970. It happened in Norway and it changed the office environment forever by changing office chairs. The deluxe ergonomic kneeling office chair was created and introduced to the world, altering the way people in offices would sit and work. There was a lot of controversy in the...

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