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    • White Dining Chair


      Many people get the impression that a dining room needs to be furnished with only neutral colors and low-key accessories. Since this room is used for more formal dining experiences, such as Thanksgiving or family get togethers, many homeowners choose to use more sophisticated styles and shy away from bold...

    • Interior Designer Bar Stools


      Looking for that perfect bar stool or chair for your special client or project? Contract and residential projects are another specialty of 4Barstools.com. Custom orders represent about 50% of our business, which means your business will be welcomed, at no extra charge on custom orders. Not sure about the quality or the...

    • Swivel Dining Chairs


      When seating your guest for dinner a Swivel Dining Chair says, we are glad you came over. Nothing makes a guest feel more unexpected than the dreaded cold metal folding chair. A chair with comfort and ability to swivel is very comfortable, and suggests the occupant can stay as long...

    • Modern Dining Chairs


      Sometimes in order to find a house or an apartment in a location you desire, you have to sacrifice space. The challenge of decorating a small space can be an opportunity to unleash your creative spirit. Fortunately, there are styles of furniture such as modern dining room chairs that make...

    • Folding Beach Chair


      Like most people who suffer through the cold winter climate, when summer finally arrives as you want to do is get to the beach and soak up some rays….awe, the warmth of it all. Summer in colder climates is a time to celebrate the season and visit with loved...

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