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    • The Best Way to Buy Bar Stools


      When you set out to buy bar stools, you have three options: from a local store or garage sale, from a catalog, or from an online website. Each option has advantages and...

    • For Cheap Bar Stools, Shop Online


      Increasingly, the best deals on products of all kinds can be found online. This is definitely true if you're looking for cheap bar stools. Of course, 'cheap' sometimes is the result of...

    • Chair For Kitchen


      When you buy chairs for your kitchen, there are many different styles to choose. You can get from simple to elegant, from cheap to expensive. It all depends on your own personal taste and choice. There are many factors to take into consideration also. Do you have a separate dining...

    • Aluminum Folding Chairs


      Organizations, churches, schools and other entities that deal with large crowds can benefit greatly by using aluminum folding chairs. These chairs have great advantages including: their durability, easy storage and relatively low cost to the consumer. These large groups must have a ready, accessible supply of seating for meetings, gatherings...

    • About Us


      4BarStools.com was founded in 1999 by a young Canadian commerce graduate. Fresh out of University, he wanted to tackle a new challenge, and began retailing Bar Stools Online immediately.  Now 10 years later, and with over 20,000 Bar Stools sold, 4BarStools.com has blossomed into so much more than just an...

    About Us

    4barstools.com has been Selling barstools online since 1999 and have been in the furniture business for over 35 years. We have shipped barstools to every state and province in North America and have even sent many orders over to Europe and Australia.