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    • Arts & Entertainment Bar Stools


      4Barstools.com is a truly recognized as an industry leader in the supply of bar stools and chairs. f you are working on a production that requires 1 or 1000 bar stools and/or chairs for a set, look no further. At any given time we will have 2500 bar...

    • White Bar Stools / Red Bar Stools


      White bar stools are one of the most popular colors in this industry because it pretty much goes with anything. You can put white bar stools in any room in the house and can be certain that it will fit in seamlessly. If you are one of the many people...

    • Brown Leather Chair


      When decorating an office, many people choose simple pieces of furniture that makes the room feel calming. However, executives and professionals commonly use dark wood pieces, leather chairs and a minimal amount of decorations throughout their office. This is because it not only makes the room look put together, it...

    • Elite Bar Stools / Elegant Bar Stools


      Elite bar stools are a great way to provide a touch of class to your home, as they are much different than what you would expect from a bar stool. You see, elite bar stools look very much like a luxurious chair that can be found in a garden, with...

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      4BarStools.com is the industry leader in seating and outdoor furniture. Signing up with us entitles you to FREE: Product Reviews Buying Tips Networking Opportunities With Other Bar Stools enthusiasts Industry Deals Much...much more..... We plan on adding new features in 2010 that focus on allowing our community members to better network and connect with other members....

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    4barstools.com has been Selling barstools online since 1999 and have been in the furniture business for over 35 years. We have shipped barstools to every state and province in North America and have even sent many orders over to Europe and Australia.